Recommended suppliers:
Mutiny Shaving
Friction Free Shaving

On average a lady shaves once to twice a week and disposable razors last on average 6 uses. 11% of females shave every single day. And a lot of men shave every day!

Say we use one disposable razor per month – over the course of ten years, that’s 120 razors.

I absolutely love my safety razor from Mutiny Shaving

I bought the pack for £25 which includes a razor, 5 blades, a soap and a brush. The razor and brush we should have forever, the soap comes wrapped in paper and you save the blades up for years and years and then pop the sealed container in your kerbside recycling. You can buy a sealed tin with a slot at the top to save them up.

You unscrew the razor to place the blade inside and away you go!

And best of all – the company I bought it from, Mutiny Shaving are based in Newport! You can buy them from the baby shop in Pontypool Market opposite Wilko.