Stretchy plastic

Although ideally we are trying to buy items without plastic, sometimes we just cannot avoid it. We are especially lucky in Torfaen that we have a local company called Capital Valley Plastics who will take stretchy plastics and use it as the raw material in their business, which is producing damp courses in building works. Please see below for a description of acceptable waste.

Local collection points for Capital Valley Plastics are as follows:

♻️ Zero Waste Torfaen Refill Station, Old Cwmbran (book timeslot to refill and hand stretchy plastic to Lauren)
♻️ Canine Corner, 11 Afon Terrace, Cwmbran, Pontnewydd, NP44 2JZ
♻️ Box outside of 28 Ventnor Road, Cwmbran, NP44 3JZ
♻️ The Co-Star Partnership, The Threepenny Bit, Greenmeadow, NP44 4SX
♻️ Market Village, Cwmbran Town Centre

♻️ Household Waste Recycling Centre, Panteg Way, New Inn, Pontypool NP4 0LS

♻️ Cwmavon Road (just before Cwmavon Village Hall, Approaching Blaenavon, NP4 8UW
♻️ Blaenavon Post Office / Artie Craftie, 12 Broad St, Blaenavon, NP4 9ND

♻️ Valleys Gymnastics Academy, Croespenmaen Industrial Estate, Kendon, Croespenmaen, Newport NP11 3AG (not currently open)

In addition, most large supermarkets have a collection point for stretchy plastics at the entrance to their stores. This does not go to CVP, in fact we do not know what happens to it, but it supposed to be recycled. Confirmed collection points in Torfaen are:

Sainsburys Cwmbran

Morrisons Cwmbran

Always remember to only take your waste when you are passing the collection point already.

Accepted waste for stretchy plastics is:

Plastic Carrier Bags, plastic bread bags, plastic cereal bags (not inner cereal bags), plastic wrappers and ring joiners from multipacks of cans and plastic bottles, plastic wrappers from toilet roll and kitchen towel packs, plastic freezer bags, plastic magazine and newspaper wrap, (type used for home delivery only), thin bags used for fruit and veg at supermarkets, bubble wrap, flexible plastic multi-pack can holders/rings.