Crisp packets – stretchy plastic – sweet wrappers – chocolate wrappers – cake wrappers – cracker wrappers – cereal inners – plastic – single use plastic

Stretchy plastic can be placed in the bag drops at the front of Morrisons and Sainsburys.

Bread bags, cereal inner bags, potato bags etc can be used for your food waste and then placed in the brown food waste bin outside. The biodegradable food waste bags cause a problem for the new process so use the plastic bags you already have instead.

This is the link from Torfaen detailing this change……/09-Changes-to-food-waste-caddy…

Crisp packets can be kept and once you have a decent amount taken to your nearest collection point or you can start a collection point of your own. I have started compiling a list of our local collection points. Search crisp packet recycling in the search bar for this list. These are sent off to Terracycle.

Confectionery packaging is a separate recycling stream again can be kept until you have lots and the taken to your nearest collection point. I have one outside my house in Old Cwmbran and Usk Community Hub also take them.

Exactly the same for crackers and cake wrappers.

I must stress again that if you wish to start recycling these items you need to build up a big stash until you take them to a collection point especially to reduce the carbon footprint of the recycling. Of course if you pass a point or go to Cwmbran Stadium every week for swimming then take them as you go.