Zero Waste Torfaen Refill Station

Hello and a very warm welcome to the Zero Waste Torfaen Refill Station!

To book a visit click here and it’ll take you to the booking site.

Are you trying to make your home and the things you buy more environmentally friendly? Are you looking to cut down on the plastic you buy? Book in a visit to the refill station in Old Cwmbran.

Here you will find all of the items available at the refill station, and details on how to contact Lauren to arrange a day and time to pop along to refill your products. The refill station is situated in Old Cwmbran, not far from the town centre and Cwmbran Stadium. Full directions come in the booking confirmation email. You can pay via card or cash.

Here’s some help if you’d like to estimate how much your refill will be before you come. If your empty washing up liquid bottle says 300ml, the refill will be roughly 300g so 3 x 30p = 90p. It works the same with all of the cleaning products too, so an 800ml bottle of bathroom cleaner will be 8 x 36p = £2.88. Everything is weighed so you only pay for what you take away with you.

Please adhere to 2 metre social distancing, wear your mask and sanitise your hands on arrival. 15 minute time slots are available in order to serve one person at a time.

Products and prices:

30p per 100g
Washing up liquid
Fabric conditioner scented (Neroli) and unscented

36p per 100g
All purpose cleaner
Kitchen cleaner
Bathroom cleaner
Floor cleaner
Glass cleaner
Toilet cleaner
Dishwasher rinse aid

40p per 100g
Anti-bac multi surface cleaner

15p per 100g
White vinegar

50p per 100g
Hand soap

60p per 100g
Bubble bath / Shower gel pink grapefruit scent
Unscented laundry liquid
Scented laundry liquid (Neroli)

65p per 100g
Shampoo by Miniml – Pink grapefruit and aloe vera
Conditioner by Miniml – Pink grapefruit and aloe vera

£1 per 100g
Hand and body lotion – french vanilla & shea butter

£1.30 per 100g
Cole & Co shampoo
Cole & Co conditioner
Choose from two scents:
Lime, basil and mandarn
Geranium, ylang ylang and neroli

£1.60 per 100g up to 500g
£1.50 per 100g over 500g
Disinfectant 70% ethanol hand sanitiser

Dishwasher tablets
25p each
25 for £5.29 (21p each)
72 for £12.49 (17p each)

24 rolls of Boxroll toilet rolls – £15
These toilet rolls have 400 sheets per roll (supermarkets have 200 sheets per roll), made from recycled paper, plastic free, and UK manufactured.

62 toothpaste tablets: £2.75
Glass jar for toothpaste tablets: £2.00
124 mouthwash tablets new jar: £4.99
124 mouthwash tablets refill: £3.99
30m dental floss new jar: £4.99
60m dental floss refill: £7.50
Adult bamboo toothbrush: £2.79
Child bamboo toothbrush: £2.49
Recyclable electric toothbrush heads
2 pack: £5.99 – 4 pack: £9.99

Beeswax wraps made by local company Willowlane Designs
Two-pack of 30x30cm wax wraps for £9 or buy two packs (so 4 wraps) for £17. Message to see current available designs.

Soaps £2-£2.55
Alter/Native facial soap £2.95
Friendly Shampoo bar £2.95
Alter/Native Shampoo bar £3.55
Alter/Native conditioner bar £5.45
Shaving bars £2.95
Soap rest: £4.25

Loofco Washing up pads (2 pack) £4.75
Loofco bottle brush £3.25
Loofco cleaning pad £2.90
Bathtime loofah £3.00
Loofco washing up brush £3.00
Washing brush with handle £4.00
Washing brush refill £3.00
Bath puff: £4.00
Saffix scrub: £2.00
Wooden handle back brush: £12.00

Safety razor pink or black: £26
Safety razor silver: £24
Blade tin: £4.00
10 blades: £2.00
Soap tin: £2.50
Shaving brush: £8.50
Shaving soap: £2.95

20 metal pegs – £5 or two bags for £9
200 plastic free bamboo cotton buds – £2.50
Paper tape – £2.75
Paper parcel tape – £3.75

You can either bring your empty bottles to refill or purchase a reusable glass bottle from the refill station.
500g ZWT glass bottles – £3.00
1kg ZWT glass bottles – £5.00
500g Fill glass bottles – £3.50
1kg Fill glass bottles – £6
250g aluminium – £4.00
500g aluminium – £6.00
Trigger sprays or lotion pumps – 75p

The brands ‘Fill’, ‘Miniml’ and ‘Cole & Co’, which I have chosen to stock in the refill station is are UK manufactured, supplying circular zero waste, eco-friendly, vegan, animal cruelty free, biodegradable products. I am passionate about ensuring the whole process follows the principles of zero waste. I only accept deliveries when the driver is passing anyway and the large bulk buy containers are sent back to be refilled and are not disposed of or recycled, only reused.

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to ask:Contact Lauren on: Text/Whatsapp – 07795115676 Email – Facebook messenger through the page.