Zero Waste Torfaen Refill Station

Right in the heart of Cwmbran, close to the town centre, you can now refill your laundry and household cleaning products at the Zero Waste Torfaen Refill Station!

If you’d like a delivery or to come and refill there is a strict one person at a time policy at the moment so please contact me on or call/text me on 07795115676 to arrange a convenient time and for directions. I am located in Old Cwmbran near the stadium and town centre.

The brand ‘Fill’, which I have chosen to stock in the refill station is a UK manufactured, family run company who supply eco-friendly, vegan, animal cruelty free, biodegradable products. I am passionate about ensuring the whole process follows the principles of zero waste. I only accept deliveries when the driver is passing anyway and the large bulk buy containers are sent back to be refilled and are not disposed of or recycled, only reused.

You can either bring your empty containers to fill or you can purchase glass pre-printed branded bottles here. At the moment I am also offering a free local doorstep delivery service. If you live in Cwmbran and would like to take advantage of this, please pop me a message. If you live further out, I can deliver to Malpas/New Inn/Griffithstown for £2 and other areas in Newport and Pontypool for £3.

The products available and prices are:

£2 per 500ml
✅ Washing up liquid
✅ All purpose cleaner
✅ Kitchen cleaner
✅ Bathroom cleaner
✅ Floor cleaner
✅ Glass cleaner
✅ Toilet cleaner
✅ Fabric conditioner
✅ Dishwasher rinse aid

£3 per 500ml
✅ Hand wash

£3.50 per 500ml
✅ Unscented laundry liquid
✅ Scented laundry liquid

The glass bottles you can see in the photos below are available at a one time purchase of £3. This includes the appropriate trigger spray or cap. You will then bring these back when you next need to refill and the bottles are 500ml.

All products are vegan, animal cruelty free, UK made.