Liquid household and self care products (includes glass bottle)

These prices include a glass bottle and lotion pump or trigger spray. If you are refilling your own bottles, please bring your empty bottles with you and pay on the day.

Fill branded bottles are £3.50. Zero Waste Torfaen bottles are £3. Lotion pumps and trigger sprays are 95p. All liquid refills are of course available in store. Bring a suitable empty container to refill. We charge by weight in store but if you’re not sure how much a container will be to refill, 100g is roughly equal to 100ml so take a look at the back of your bottle and if it says 400ml of washing up liquid, it will cost roughly £1.20 to refill (4 x 30p).

Refills in store:

Washing up liquid – 30p per 100g
Hand soap – 50p per 100g
Laundry liquid – 60p per 100g
Fabric conditioner – 30p per 100g
Fill cleaning products – 36p per 100g
Miniml anti-bac – 40p per 100g
Miniml shampoo – 75p per 100g
Miniml conditioner – 75p per 100g
Miniml bubble bath/shower gel – 65p per 100g
White vinegar – 20p per 100g
Hand/body lotion – £1.00 per 100g