About us

Hello, I’m Lauren, the founder of ‘A Journey to Zero Waste in Torfaen’ and ‘Zero Waste Torfaen’. I have a husband and two boys aged 9 and 6. Seeing television programmes, news reports, and social media posts every day showing the environmental impact of the throw-away, single use lifestyle we’ve all become accustomed to, we decided we needed to change. We started making small changes in our household, looking mainly at the things we were buying and also what we were eating.

One day after talking with friends and realising that we had changed quite a lot of things in the space of just a few months, I decided to post the changes we’d made on Facebook.

Just simple images showing the before and after, and people were really interested, asking lots of questions and talking to me about it when I saw them.

From this I decided to set up a Facebook group so that anyone interested could share ideas and we could all learn from each other.

‘A Journey to Zero Waste in Torfaen’ is all about making small changes to your every day life. It’s about reducing our use of single use plastic, being more environmentally aware and basically doing our bit as human beings to look after our planet. Whatever stage you’re at in your journey, whether you are a – ‘what is this all about then?’, an ‘I’ve made a few changes but interested to know more’, or an ‘eco-warrier’, you are welcome. We’re all learning, it’s all about education.

A few months after the birth of the Facebook group I started an eco friendly refill station from the shed at the bottom of my garden. It has expanded and expanded and now I’m in a full on zero waste shop! Come and visit, all welcome.