Toilet roll

We started our more eco friendly toilet roll journey here at Zero Waste Torfaen with a big delivery from Who Gives A Crap. Recycled paper toilet roll in big boxes, which on the whole was popular but when we realised it is shipped from China, we decided there must be something better out there.

We managed to source UK made recycled paper toilet roll instead, which is also better quality. It’s called Boxroll, comes in a box of 24 rolls (they are 1.5 the length of supermarket rolls), no plastic, no wrapping of every roll and you can collect a box from Lauren at Zero Waste Torfaen for £13. Just email to arrange collection.

Other options are of course recycled paper toilet roll available from supermarkets and recycle the stretchy wrap at a stretchy plastic recycling point.

And then some people in the group use reusable cloth. Mainly for number ones, but this is also an option. For advice on the best cloth and ideas for storage, search in the Facebook group.