Stock list

Welcome to Zero Waste Torfaen

Are you trying to make your home and the things you buy more environmentally friendly? Are you looking to cut down on the plastic you buy? Visit us at Zero Waste Torfaen, Redbrook Way, Cwmbran, NP44 3QT. Here is a list of the items you can expect to find in the shop starting with food items and further down you can find the household refills and extras.

You will notice a mix of organic and non organic options below as I am trying to cater to my community of Torfaen and all of the different reasons people may wish to shop at Zero Waste Torfaen. Whether it’s shopping local, reducing your waste, the planet, the animals, your health, affordability or a mix of all of these, I am offering a range of options. I have decided to go organic on rice and pasta as I could never come close to supermarket prices on non organic, but can be competitive to Sainsburys organic prices. There are lots of items that are far cheaper than supermarket prices however, such as herbs and spices. Come and see what’s on offer and I promise you will find lots of goodies suitable for you.

If there is anything in particular you’d like me to source, pop me a message or speak to me when you come to the shop.


Rice & pasta Price per 100g
Organic long grain brown rice  30p
Organic Arborio white rice 38p
Organic brown basmati 46p
Organic long white rice 35p
Organic white basmati 49p
Non organic jasmine rice 27p
Organic pudding rice 28p
Organic sushi rice 40p
Organic White fusilli 42p
Organic Wholewheat fusilli 42p
Organic White penne 42p
Organic Wholewheat pen 42p
Organic white macaroni 42p
Organic wholewheat macaroni 42p
Non organic shells  26p
Non organic penne  26p
Organic White spaghetti 27p
Organic Wholewheat spaghetti 27p
Organic gluten free Corn & Rice Fusilli 51p
Organic gluten free Corn & Rice Penne 51p
Organic orzo 39p
Organic lasagne sheets 46p
Noodles 30p
Herbs & spices Price per 10g
Mixed Herbs 24p
Oregano 30p
Bay leaves 60p
Dill 64p
Basil 19p
Parsley 35p
Mint 16p
Chives 80p
Coriander leaf 47p
Rosemary 21p
Sage 28p
Tarragon 93p
Thyme 26p
Garam Masala 12p
Garlic granules 13p
Garlic salt 11p
Chilli powder 14p
Ground coriander 12p
Coriander seeds 16p
Ground ginger  13p
Whole nutmeg 64p
Ground nutmeg 31p
Turmeric 10p
Curry powder mild 9p
Curry powder medium 9p
Curry powder hot 9p
Cayenne pepper 13p
Ground cumin 12p
Cumin seeds 18p
Paprika 12p
Smoked paprika 15p
Mixed spice 15p
Chinese 5 spice 20p
Crushed chillies 27p
Chipotle chillies 60p
Onion powder 14p
Onion salt 10p
Cinnamon sticks 65p
Nigella seeds 14p
Cloves 33p
Cardamom pods  48p
Caraway seeds 18p
Black peppercorns 14p
Ground black pepper 35p
Ground white pepper 35p
Fennel seeds 15p
Ground mustard seeds 16p
Mustard seeds 13p
Cinnamon 13p
Fajita seasoning 28p
Cajun seasoning 17p
Italian seasoning 25p
Piri piri seasoning 35p
Curry leaves £1.12
Fenugreek seeds 10p
Star anise 45p
Nuts Price per 100g
Almonds £1.20
Brazil nuts £1.88
Cashews pieces 98p
Hazelnuts organic £1.64
Organic peanuts roasted salted £1.20
Hot chilli peanuts £1.20
Pecan £1.84
Pistachio kernals £3.46
Walnuts £1.30
Mixed nuts £1.36
Chopped mixed nuts 89p
Whole cashews £1.40
Honey caramel peanuts 95p
Pine nuts £3.90
Freshly ground peanut butter in store 90p
Seeds Price per 100g
Organic chia seeds 99p
Linseed 45p
Poppy seeds 74p
Pumpkin seeds 74p
Sesame seeds 55p
Sunflower seeds 48p
Mixed seeds 64p
Organic hulled hemp seeds £1.40
Baking Price per 100g
Organic Plain white flour 15p
Organic Self raising white flour 15p
Organic Strong white flour 15p
Organic Strong wholemeal flour 13p
Semolina 30p
Organic 00 pasta flour 28p
Organic wholemeal spelt flour 500g £2.50
Gluten free gram flour (chickpea flour) 500g £2.60
Organic coconut flour 500g £2.50
Psyllium Husk £2.50
Baking powder 55p
Bicarbonate of soda 36p
Organic Cornflower 60p
Ground almonds 98p
Organic Cane sugar 44p
Dark muscovado sugar 52p
Light muscovado sugar 45p
Demerara sugar 41p
Caster sugar 18p
Icing sugar 20p
Organic Cocoa powder 70p
Arrowroot 73p
Xanthan Gum £2.20
Vegan dark couverture cooking chocolate £2.60
Vegan milk couverture cooking chocolate £2.60
Vegan white couverture cooking chocolate £2.60
Organic cacao powder £2.40
Organic raw cacao nibs £1.40
Desiccated coconut 61p
Currants 60p
Sultanas 38p
Cherries 85p
Mixed peel 19p
Flaked almonds £1.42
Dried fruit/snacks Price per 100g
Organic mango strips £2.09
Orange non organic whole apricots  £1.15
Organic natural whole apricots £1.40
Dates 35p
Pitted prunes £1.04
Organic Figs £1.30
Cranberries £1.00
Chilli rice crackers £1.26
Chocolate raisins £1.00
Chocolate peanuts £1.00
Yoghurt raisins £1.00
Yoghurt peanuts £1.00
Raisins  44p
Sultanas 38p
Currants 60p
Diced pineapple 78p
Diced papaya 78p
Glace cherries 85p
Banana chips 86p
Goji berries 77p
Yoghurt banana chips £1.00
Milk chocolate brazil nuts £1.40
Plain chocolate brazils £1.50
Bombay mix 58p
Trail mix 87p
Chocolate coated honeycomb £1.00
Popping corn 41p
Just crisps – sea salt £1.67
Fava beans – sea salt and cider vinegar £1.10
Fava beans – chilli and lime £1.10
Smoked paprika roasted yellow peas £1.10
Salted giant corn snacks £1.20
Chilli giant corn snacks £1.20
Freshly ground peanut butter in store 90p
Beans/Pulses/Grains Price per 100g
Cous cous 35p
Pearl barley 22p
Soup mix 30p
Organic quinoa 46p
Organic red split lentils 44p
Organic green lentils 50p
Yellow split peas 20p
Organic black beans 43p
Organic chickpeas 52p
Organic butter beans 45p
Organic red kidney beans 45p
Organic soya beans 30p
Organic mung beans 49p
Organic cannellini beans 50p
Organic bulgar wheat 34p
Polenta 18p
Salt Price per 100g
Fine sea salt 0.18
Coarse sea salt 0.18
Pink himalayan fine salt 0.33
Pink himalayan coarse salt 0.33
Misc Price per 100g
Organic Soya mince (TVP) 71p
Nutritional yeast flakes £2.85
Bouillon £1.20
Psyllium husk £2.50
Gravy powder £1.20
Custard powder 55p
Oils/vinegars Price per 100g
Rapeseed oil 50p
Extra virgin olive oil £1.25
Sunflower oil 70p
Organic balsamic vinegar 82p
Apple cider vinegar 50p
Malt vinegar 20p
Soy sauce 80p
Cereal/oats Price per 100g
Organic porridge oats 21p
Organic gluten free porridge oats 38p
Organic jumbo oats 21p
Deluxe Muesli 36p
Granola 35p
Bran flakes 65p
Rice krispies 65p
Coco pops 65p
Corn flakes 50p
Strawberry crisp cereal 50p
Maple and pecan crisp cereal 50p
Sweets and fudge Price per 100g
Vegan chocolate fudge £1.20
Vegan vanilla fudge £1.20
Vegan fizzy sweets £1.00
Vegan gummy sweets £1.00
Vegan gluten free fizzy sweets £1.00
Vegan marshmallows £1.85
Drinks Price per 100g
Orange and lemon cordial – super concentrate (just need a drop) £1.00
Apple and blackcurrant cordial – super concentrate (just need a drop) £1.00
Pip’s hot chocolate powder £1.75
Loose leaf tea Price per 10g
Assam (breakfast tea) 38p
Ceylon decaf 56p
Vanilla black tea 38p
Rhubarb cream tea 38p
Organic peppermint tea 57p
Organic rooibos tea 46p
Green tea 38p
Earl grey tea 38p
Red fruit tea 38p
Camomile tea 42p
Matcha green tea £1.25
Reusable tea bag £1.00
Diffusers £4.50
Coffee beans from Manumit Coffee in Cardiff Price per 100g
Decaf coffee beans £2.75
Bom Jesus coffee beans £2.75
Sao Lucas coffee beans (dark roast) £2.75
Global Justice Blend coffee beans £2.75
Local honey £5.00
Organic hazelnut chocolate spread £3.95
Organic dark chocolate spread £3.95

Household liquid refills

Here’s some help if you’d like to estimate how much your refill will be before you come. If your empty washing up liquid bottle says 300ml, the refill will be roughly 300g so 3 x 30p = 90p. It works the same with all of the cleaning products too, so an 800ml bottle of bathroom cleaner will be 8 x 36p = £2.88. Everything is weighed so you only pay for what you take away with you.

Products and prices:

30p per 100g
Washing up liquid
Fabric conditioner scented (Neroli) and unscented

36p per 100g
All purpose cleaner
Kitchen cleaner
Bathroom cleaner
Floor cleaner
Glass cleaner
Toilet cleaner
Dishwasher rinse aid
Cream cleaner

40p per 100g
Anti-bac multi surface cleaner

20p per 100g
White vinegar

50p per 100g
Hand soap

60p per 100g
Unscented laundry liquid
Scented laundry liquid (Neroli)
Unscented bath, shower, hand soap

65p per 100g
Bubble bath / Shower gel pink grapefruit & aloe vera scent AND coconut

75p per 100g
Shampoo by Miniml – Pink grapefruit & aloe vera AND coconut
Conditioner by Miniml – Pink grapefruit & aloe vera AND coconut

90p per 100g
Fill orange shampoo
Fill orange conditioner

£1 per 100g
Hand and body lotion – french vanilla & shea butter

£1.30 per 100g
Cole & Co shampoo
Cole & Co conditioner
Choose from two scents:
Lime, basil and mandarin
Lavender and spearmint

£1.60 per 100g up to 500g
£1.50 per 100g over 500g
Disinfectant 70% ethanol hand sanitiser

Citric acid for cleaning – 50p / 100g
Bicarb for cleaning – 35p / 100g
Epsom salts – 40p / 100g
Oxygen bleach – 45p / 100g

Dishwasher tablets
25p each
72 for £12.49 (17p each)

In the home section

24 rolls of Boxroll toilet rolls – £18.50 (Single rolls £1.00)
These toilet rolls have 400 sheets per roll (supermarkets have 200 sheets per roll), made from recycled paper, plastic free, and UK manufactured.

62 toothpaste tablets: £2.95
Glass jar for toothpaste tablets: £2.00
124 mouthwash tablets new jar: £5.50
124 mouthwash tablets refill: £4.50
30m dental floss new jar: £4.99
60m dental floss refill: £7.50
Adult bamboo toothbrush: £2.99
Child bamboo toothbrush: £2.49
Recyclable electric toothbrush heads
4 pack: £10.99

Crystal salt deodorant stick – £10.00
Peppermint natural deodorant – £8.50
Grapefruit and lemon natural deodorant – £8.50
Jasmine & rose natural deodorant – £8.50

Beeswax wraps made by local company Willowlane Designs
Two-pack of 30x30cm wax wraps for £9.50 

Vegan wax food wraps – pack of 5 – £19.50

Soaps £2.55-£2.85
Alter/Native facial soap £3.50
Friendly and Alter/Native Shampoo bars £3.95
Conditioner bars £5.65
Zero Waste Path 2 in 1 shampoo & conditioner bars – £7.50
Shaving bars £3.50
Soap dish: £4.50

Loofco Washing up pads (2 pack) £4.95
Loofco Washing up pad – £3.00
Loofco bottle brush £3.75
Loofco cleaning pad £2.90
Bathtime loofah £3.50
Washing brush with handle £4.00
Washing brush refill £2.50
Bath puff: £4.50
Saffix scrub: £2.00
Wooden handle back brush: £12.00
Natural latex rubber gloves – £3.50

Safety razor pink or black: £26
Safety razor silver: £24
Blade tin: £4.00
10 blades: £2.00
Soap tin: £2.50
Shaving brush: £9.00
Shaving soap: £3.50

20 metal pegs – £5 or two bags for £9
100 plastic free bamboo cotton buds – £1.50
Paper tape – £2.75
Paper parcel tape – £3.75
Plantable seed cards – £3.50

PLUS LOTS LOTS MORE – children’s toys, reusable sanitary pads, reusable breast pads, reusable water bottles and coffee cups, fresh sourdough and vegan doughnuts.

You can either bring your empty bottles to refill or purchase a reusable glass bottle from the refill station.
500g ZWT glass bottles – £3.00
1kg ZWT glass bottles – £5.00
500g Fill glass bottles – £3.50
1kg Fill glass bottles – £6
Trigger sprays or lotion pumps – 95p

The brands ‘Fill’, ‘Miniml’ and ‘Cole & Co’, which I have chosen to stock in the refill station is are UK manufactured, supplying circular zero waste, eco-friendly, vegan, animal cruelty free, biodegradable products. I am passionate about ensuring the whole process follows the principles of zero waste. I only accept deliveries when the driver is passing anyway and the large bulk buy containers are sent back to be refilled and are not disposed of or recycled, only reused.

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to ask: Contact Lauren on: Text/Whatsapp – 07795115676 Email – Facebook messenger through the page