♻️ Reduce – Reuse – Recycle ♻️

Let’s think about those words as a list instead of just three words next to each other, oh and add a few words to it. Like repair – my speaker broke about a year ago. It would no longer hold its charge which meant I couldn’t use it for outdoor events etc. I was seriously looking at buying a new one but I thought no, let’s see if it can be repaired. I took it to the computer repair shop in Springvale and they fixed it in less than a day and it’s good as new! They even sorted some rattling that was going on from where I dropped it and the sound is better too haha! And it was very reasonable in cost too. www.facebook.com/visionwales

I’ve just looked at The Repair Cafe Abergavenny Facebook page and they have another R – refuse! I am definitely going to sign up to the royal mail service to stop the junk mail. But also, I’ve started to think about whether I actually want that free thing that person is handing out and saying no thanks! Rather than just thinking… ‘oooh free!!’.

Repair Cafes are amazing. Volunteers who are handy at repairing things run a monthly (I think) drop in cafe where they fix or mend things for free while you wait! They are back in September but there are cafes popping up all over Wales! Take a look at the Repair Cafe Wales Facebook page!